T(ha)ime for Adventure

Stories of a 20-something's Peace Corps service in Thailand

Happy Peace Corps New Year

It's been a hell of a year, that's for sure.


Decking the Halls (and Walls)… of Thailand — Sticky Rice // สทิคีไรส์

Carly Allard, 129 YinD “Oh, by gosh, by golly! It’s time for mistletoe and holly!” Except mistletoe and holly aren’t readily available in rural Thailand. Neither are traditional Christmas trees, holiday TV specials, mulled wine, or snow. While the Christmas-celebrating... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Thailand

I smiled as I wrote their very fifth-grade answers on the white board and was struck with a gigantic “ah-ha” moment as I realized what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving season: Thailand.

For my Little Loves

If I can’t yet prove to my little loves that girls can indeed rule the world, I’ll sure as hell show them we can change it.

One Down, Three to Go

With the first term of school under my belt, I thought I’d share a bit about what I did in my classes and schools since they started in mid-May.

Mama KJ’s Visit to Thailand

At first, she didn’t see me, which was kind of funny in the moment, but eventually we found each other and, per Allard family tradition, both started crying.

Reconnect, Reevaluate, Rejuvenate

Our Reconnect conference provided us opportunity to reconnect with familiarities, reevaluate purposes and goals, and rejuvenate the sense of adventure that brought us here in the first place.

A Day Without Patience

“Be patient. The change you want to see in the world will not happen right away.”

Lonely, but never alone

Peace Corps life can absolutely be lonely, but PCVs are never truly alone.

My Mom’s Peace Corps Journey

As a Mother’s Day tribute, I thought I’d try to explain a little bit of Peace Corps journey my mom unknowingly embarked on when I boarded that plane in January.

Beachy Bpai-tiao

The word "bpai-tiao" means "travel" or "visit" in Thai, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite words to hear and use, simply because it means seeing and experiencing new places.

Six Week Rollercoaster

Imagine a wild, crazy, belly-hurting rollercoaster ride. The kind of rollercoaster you wish came with a barf bag and some post-ride ginger ale. It has loops, sharp turns, slow climbs and huge drops. The rollercoaster you are envisioning is the best... Continue Reading →

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