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Dealing With What We’re Dealt — Sticky Rice // สทิคีไรส์

It’s a little bit about card games and a lot about accepting and making the best of what our time in Thailand has given us.

Follow the link below to read my latest Peace Corps Thailand Magazine feature, “Dealing With What We’re Dealt”.

“Dealing With What We’re Dealt” –

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine

Carly Allard, 129 YinD

Card games have become an almost daily occurrence at my house. Uno, Phase 10, Spot It, Go Fish; we play ‘em all. I try to reign in my competitive side and embrace the fun of the game, but sometimes there’s inevitable disappointment when my cards reveal a truly crappy hand. Other times a ping of excitement hits (like when there’s a wild or two in hand) and I feel like the game is totally in my favor.

Games are truly incredible. They’ve provided hours of entertainment and ample bonding time with my host family. Between hands, lessons on sportsmanship and teamwork have blossomed, turning a casual after-dinner game into a real-life learning opportunity. Especially with my youngest host sister, I try to instill the importance of making the best of what you’re dealt, regardless of how good or bad the outcome may seem.

A short while…

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A New Kind of Summer Camp

It seemed like each check mark in my to-do list's "complete" column was met with another two or three to-do items added to the list and part of me honestly wondered if I'd actually get everything ready in time.

Sticky Rice Yearbook: Home is… — Sticky Rice // สทิคีไรส์

Home Is Whenever I’m With You — Sticky Rice // สทิคีไรส์

This quarter, Peace Corps Thailand Magazine // Sticky Rice writers are sharing thoughts and feelings about what “home is” to each of us.

Follow the link below to read my latest feature about what my “home is” like in Thailand. And maybe listen to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros while you read!

“Home is Whenever I’m With You” –

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine

Carly_FamilyDinnerCarly Allard, 129 YinD

Not long ago, one of my students asked me about the difference between “house” and “home”. I realized it was a completely valid question and an obvious source of confusion for an English language learner. As I struggled to explain that both words sometimes mean the same thing but can’t necessarily be used interchangeably, a look of sheer puzzlement crossed the student’s face.

I myself was a little confused after trying to explain the scenario, first in simple English and then in broken Thai. That didn’t help. Eventually, I settled on a definition of home being a feeling of comfort, safety, and love with the people you share a house with, whereas a house is simply a building you live in. Just as I was finishing the confusing-for-everyone-involved explanation, something seemed to stand out: the people.

As I continued to think about my botched teaching moment…

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Twenty-six in Thailand

A very many thanks to everyone who offered birthday wishes from all corners of the globe. I think the best part about birthdays is feeling a little more loved and cared about with each and every call, FaceTime, text, Facebook message, and email I received. 


After a long while, a blurry mess of turkey trot t-shirt, colorful buff, duffel bags, and a loud "CARLS!" came barreling my way. "Welcome to Thailand" hugs are officially my new favorite thing to give, by the way.

How low can you go?

There were weeks and months of staring at my computer screen, Word doc at the ready, unable to make my fingers move across the keyboard. There were things I longed to share, but simply didn’t know how to.

(Almost) Two Weeks With My Brother

In May 2016 I embarked on a "sistercation" trip to Ireland and the U.K. with Claire and shortly after Thanksgiving 2017, I was finally able to achieve my goal when I picked my brother, Bryce, up at the airport in Chiang Rai, Thailand!

Happy Peace Corps New Year

It's been a hell of a year, that's for sure.

Decking the Halls (and Walls)… of Thailand — Sticky Rice // สทิคีไรส์

Carly Allard, 129 YinD “Oh, by gosh, by golly! It’s time for mistletoe and holly!” Except mistletoe and holly aren’t readily available in rural Thailand. Neither are traditional Christmas trees, holiday TV specials, mulled wine, or snow. While the Christmas-celebrating... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Thailand

I smiled as I wrote their very fifth-grade answers on the white board and was struck with a gigantic “ah-ha” moment as I realized what I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving season: Thailand.

For my Little Loves

If I can’t yet prove to my little loves that girls can indeed rule the world, I’ll sure as hell show them we can change it.

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