Sa-was-dee! Hello!

I’m Carly, a 20-something Wisconsinite-turned-Peace Corps Volunteer and author of this blog. I’m currently serving as a Youth in Development volunteer in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

IMG_3252First, a little background: I can’t exactly pinpoint the time and place I first heard about the Peace Corps, but since learning about it, I’ve had a fascination with the organization. During my senior year of college I worked for the UW-Madison Peace Corps recruiting office. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the organization and meeting people who were applying/preparing to serve, but was also completely and utterly sure I was not at all “crazy enough” to volunteer myself.

While working at a campus career fair booth in March 2014, I voiced frustrations about graduation and employment to Eric, the campus Peace Corps recruiter. I remember telling him I wanted to do something “fun” after graduation, something that would be a challenge and an adventure. In a way that only Eric could, he laughed and said, “Carly, have you heard of Peace Corps?”

IMG_6399Fast forward almost two years later and I started to think that maybe I was one of those people “crazy enough” to volunteer with Peace Corps. The specifics of serving in Thailand as a Youth in Development volunteer kind of fell together all at once, but when the opportunity presented itself, I took a full-on leap of faith.

I intend to use this blog as a way to share my Peace Corps experience with others. The thoughts, feelings, and experiences recorded on this blog are very real, no matter how exciting, boring, or lonely they may seem.

Please explore, read, share, comment, and enjoy everything I share during my 27 months in the Land of Smiles. There’s no way I can fully convey everything that happens – good and bad – here, but I will do my best to do just that!